Our culture and business orientation

Atlante Gestion develops financing solutions in the fields of public infraestructure and energy efficiency.

  • Invest in real economy and concrete projects;
  • Find stable income or returns backed by the projects or equipment provided in consideration for rent or secure long-term prices;
  • Develop financial products that are disconnected from market risks and that offer low volatility;
  • Take a position in medium-sized projects that offer majority equity stakes, preferably in the primary market;
  • Find projects that include a strong environmental and corporate social dimension;
  • Participate in spatial planning projects or operations that are consistent with the principle of a strong local service offering;
  • Pay specific attention to risk control;
  • Develop targeted equity and asset carrying solutions – debt financing and equity investments.


Infrastructures - Energies

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Asset management

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Discretionary management / Private equity

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