Des nouvelles de l’opération SEPIA en partenariat avec la banque NordLb

Atlante Gestion est fière d’annoncer le refinancement auprès de la banque allemande NordLb de l’un des actifs de son Fonds d’Infrastructures Sociales, le projet ” SEPIA “.


Ce contrat de partenariat porte sur le financement, la conception, la construction et l’entretien maintenance de quatre collèges pour le département de la Seine St Denis. Le projet est opérationnel depuis 2014.

Nom du projet : Collèges Ile-de-France Lot 2 (refinancement)

Nom de l’emprunteur : SEPIA Partenariat

Date de refinancement : 28/04/2021

Commanditaires : Atlante Gestion / Cofely Finance & Investissement

Lieu : Paris, France Paris, France

Secteur : Infrastructure sociale Infrastructures sociales

Montant total du prêt : environ 51,5 millions d’EUR

Tranches : Dailly Debt : environ 50,7 millions d’EUR

Dette projet : environ 0,8 million d’EUR

Objet : PPP sans recours de quatre collèges opérationnels à Montreuil, Pavillons, Stains et Villepinte.

Conseiller bancaire : Conseiller juridique : Taylor Wessing

Conseiller technique : Mott MacDonald

Conseiller du commanditaire : Conseiller financier : Sigée Finance

Conseiller en matière de couverture : Ester

Rôles de NORD/LB : Arrangeur unique, banque de couverture, agent de facilité et de sécurité, banque de compte.

Atlante profite de cette occasion pour remercier chaleureusement tous les participants qui ont contribué au succès de cette opération !


€61 million

Sociale Infrastructure

Sarthe region

Lead investor in the construction and rehabilitation of four middle schools in the Sarthe region, located in Arnage, Coulaines, Le Mans and Noyen-sur-Sarthe to receive 2,300 students.

The project is in the operation phase since 2019.


The project was subject to carbon assessment. Seeing the results, in end-January 2018, CERTIVA awarded MAINE COLLEGES 72 permanent HQE (high environmental quality) certifications for the “Programme Design” phase for each of the schools. The permanent HQE certification for the “Development” phase was awarded in November 2019 for all the schools.

As of November 2019, MAINE COLLEGES has also been awarded the Effinergie + label. This label testifies to the improvement in the buildings’ energy efficiency in relation to the 2012 Réglementation Thermique (the 2012 Heat Regulation).

Water management

Wastewater is let into the wastewater sewerage systems of the towns concerned.

A rainwater harvesting system is planned for sanitary use, so as to cover 10% of the water requirements for toilet bowls and urinals in the toilet facilities.

Waste management

Implementation of waste segregation.

All materials used in the construction have zero or very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) levels.

Energy efficiency

The schools were equipped with low temperature radiators that require 30% less energy to provide the same thermal comfort given their much larger contact surface with the ambient air.

Ceiling radiant panels that allow a more accurate monitoring of power consumption, have been installed in the canteens.

PV solar panels will be installed horizontally on the roof, covering a total area of 57.12 m2.

The kitchen appliances run on electricity and are equipped with an energy optimiser.


The project complies with contractual commitments in terms of first-time employment, namely 20,000 work hours, and in employing SMBs for which the recruiting rate is 40%.

Asbestos removal and demolition works are carried out during school vacations and the floors are hosed in case of heavy dust.

Instead of a rock-breaker, the alligator crusher is used with rubber mallets to avoid the noise of metal against metal